Update History

Version 52

(Publish Date: August 15, 2021)

New Features:

Grants Module

After a number of incremental updates, the Grant management module is now available! 

The Grants module can be found in the menu underneath Donations. For an overview of how the system works, please check out this help article: Overview of the Grants Module.

If your organization will not make use of this feature, you can turn it off on the Options page, under the System Settings tab.

Task Templates

A crucial component of the Grants module, the Task Templates feature can also be quite useful for general donor management. You'll find it under the Tasks menu:

For more information, please refer to this help article: Using Task Templates.

Campaign Thermometer on Donation Forms

Requested by one of our customers, we've added a Campaign Thermometer option for Donation Forms. When setting up your form, at the bottom of the Form Labels and Fields tab, you will find this new option:

This will allow you to specify a campaign, target fundraising amount, and optional start and end dates. The system will calculate all gifts received for that campaign (whether through a donation form or offline) during the provided date range. (If no date range is set, it'll total gifts received for the given campaign for all time.) Next, to add the thermometer to your form, modify the Donation Page Landing text and use the Merge Fields button to add in the thermometer. You can also display the amount raised so far, and the target amount:

Finally, after you save your form messages, this is what you'll see on your donation form page:

We hope this will help you create more attractive and engaging donation forms!



  • If a donor has a Stripe customer ID, you can now delete the card from their account through Donor Wrangler. Previously you could replace the card on file with Stripe with a new card, but not remove it unless you logged into your Stripe account directly. This is found in the upper right hand menu, assuming they have a customer record in Stripe. (Note that the system will not let you delete a card on file if there are any pending recurring gifts.)

Image Library:

  • When cropping images, you can now set the cropper to use set dimensions: 4x6 (portrait), 6x4 (landscape), 1x1 (square), or free form.


  • The popup that appears when clicking the name of a task in a task listing now has a View button.
  • When updating a parent task to have a new Donor ID, it will update the Donor ID of all subtasks associated with the parent task. Additionally, all attachments (including attachments on subtasks) will be updated as well.
  • When creating or editing a task, you can now change the Donation and Payment after setting or changing the Donor ID.
  • The task listing now saves its state, meaning that any filters you've applied will be retained until you click the Reset Table button. (This is the same as how the Donor listing works.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Some data was being shown in the change log that shouldn't have been, because it can't be undone. This data will no longer be tracked.
  • When deleting a donor or task, associated attachments were not being deleted. Further, attachments weren't included in the merge donors function. This is now fixed.

Version 51

(Publish Date: August 3, 2021)

New Features:

Donor Profile Pictures: You can now upload profile pictures of your donors. The option appears on the edit screen right beneath the Display Name on the edit screen. Images will automatically be resized to 800 pixels wide to save storage space and load faster.

Image Cropping: Images that are uploaded can now be cropped from the Image Manager.

Subtasks: Sometimes tasks have multiple steps and may require input from multiple people. This is especially useful for writing grants, when multiple people are likely involved in the process. Thus, we've created the ability to have Subtasks. On each task, a new tab for Subtasks appears. 

When viewing the parent task, then, the number of subtasks and how many of them are complete are shown:

Subtasks have all the same features as tasks, meaning they can have different due dates, different reminder dates, different assignees, their own attachments, and so on. We hope this feature will prove useful in keeping you organized!



  • When emailing a letter as an attachment, you can now change the PDF filename to something other than LetterXXXX.pdf.


  • You now have a dropdown choice of who the interaction is with when adding/editing an interaction, making it easier for you to add interactions on behalf of others.

Marketing Emails:

  • The marketing email setup wizard now lets you go back a step.


  • The task reminders field has been improved to allow you to add/remove days with a plus and minus button, rather than typing days separated with a comma.
  • Task listings on tabs throughout the system have been improved in their appearance and to show more relevant data. The name of each task can be clicked to pop up the description and completion notes if applicable.
  • The main Tasks page has also been refreshed to use this new format and dynamic filtering.
  • The layout of the View Tasks page has been cleaned up as well to match the style of the rest of the system.

Bug Fixes:

  • When Bulk Actions were being performed on an Interaction Report, the donor ID was not being set correctly. This has now been fixed.
  • The Bulk Add Task option on Reports was missing the Reminder Days field. This has been added.
  • Once an account was locked for too many invalid logins, resetting the password failed to unlock it. This was corrected. (July 27, 2021)
  • Bulleted or numbered lists on the letter editor will now have appropriate spacing.
  • The Preview Changes button on the letter editor shouldn't have been displayed until the initial draft of the letter has been saved. It now is hidden until it is usable.
  • The Login History data table on the Users page was scrunched up, it has now been fixed so it cakes up the entire width of the tab.

Version 50

(Publish Date: July 21, 2021)

New Features:

Task Reminders: Long requested, it's finally here. You can now have tasks send you reminders before their due date. As part of the initial setup, all tasks will default to reminding you 7 days before their due date. You can customize the number of days for the reminder, and also specify more than one reminder:

By default, all users have been opted into these reminders. However, you can change your preference on the User Edit page as shown:



  • Attachments have been expanded and are now available on Donations, Payments and Tasks.


  • When editing a donor, you can now choose a non-default format for the auto-generated addressee name. (IE if the default format is Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Susie Jones, you can override and choose Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones instead.)


  • The icons that are used in the system have been updated to use Font Awesome icons for more flexibility as new features are added.
  • User login sessions will now last for 12 hours instead of 8, reducing the chance of you being logged out and work being interrupted towards the end of the working day.
  • When your account is denied access to a particular feature, the system will now tell you which permission needs enabled on the account to use that feature.
  • When you click a link in an email (for example to view a task linked to from a reminder email) and you are not already logged in, the system will now properly direct you to the page you were trying to view.
  • The API has been greatly expanded and improved. Contact support for further details.
  • The permissions for Add/Edit/Delete on Donations and Interactions have been separated into distinct permissions for Add/Edit and Delete to match all the other module permissions.


  • Volunteer Events can now have a start date and end date, which is useful for events that may have a setup the day before and cleanup the day after. It also can be helpful if you're making a signup that covers regular needs on a weekly basis, the end date will be used to determine if the event is "over" or not.

Bug Fixes:

  • One other location that was not using the preferred date format setting has been fixed and will now use your preferred format.
  • Transparent PNG images uploaded to the Image Manager will now retain their transparency when rotated.
  • Email address validation has been improved to prohibit entries like donor@gmail from being recognized as valid.
  • Popup search boxes to help you locate donors will now be sized appropriately.

Version 49 and Below:

For information about updates prior to Version 50, please visit this article.

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