Utilizing Tags for Donors

Tags are another way of categorizing and grouping your donors in ways that the normal Donor Type, Donor Source, Donor Contact Type, etc. fields cannot.

Tags can be viewed, created, and permanently deleted via the Options page as shown below:

However, for ease of use and to help you get the most benefit, tags can also be created directly on the Edit Donor screen:

Once created, it takes just one click to add or remove a tag from a donor's profile. The tags will appear above the map on the Donor View page:

Tags are most beneficial when used in conjunction with reports. Utilizing the new Bulk Add feature, you can add an existing tag or create a new tag for all donors shown on a particular report:

For example, let's say your organization started in 2015 and you want to tag everyone who gave that first year so that you quickly identify these early donors when glancing at their profile. You could run the Donation History report, set the date range to be from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, and then do a Bulk Add / Tag. Create the new tag like so:

After being created, you can use tags as filters in your reports. 3 new tag-related filters have been added: Tags Include Any Of, Tags Include All Of, and Tags Include None Of. 

Tags Include Any Of functions similarly to the existing multi-select dropdowns: if any of the tags you've chosen appears on the donor's profile, they'll appear in the report. Tags Include All Of will only display donors if each of the tags you've clicked is on the donor's profile. Tags Include None Of will only display donors who don't have any of the tags you've selected.

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