Reassigning a Donation to a Different Donor Profile

When acknowledging a donor's gift, it's important that we are acknowledging the correct person or company. Often times, a donor who owns a business will give to the organization both personally and through their company. But what if we enter the donation on behalf of the company onto the donor's personal profile? Fortunately, you can easily reassign the donation to the correct profile.

How to Reassign the Donation

In this scenario, we have a donor who made a gift on behalf of their company, but we incorrectly added it to the donor's personal profile. The donor noticed the error on the receipt, and has contacted us asking for an updated receipt for their records.

When viewing the donor's personal profile, locate the gift in question on the Donations tab. Then, click the downward arrow next to the View button, and select Reassign.

Search for the company's profile, and select it.

You will then be redirected to the company's profile, and the gift in question will now be assigned to them.

You can then create a new receipt/thank you letter for them with the correct name, address, etc. on the Letters tab.

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