Dumping Available Donor Data

At times, you may need to dump out all of the data you have for a particular donor. This may be due to a privacy request (IE the donor requested to know what information you have on them) or for a review of the interactions you've had with a particular donor.

Donor Profile, Donations, Payments, Volunteer History, and Interactions

At this time, you cannot get the data with a single click, but by utilizing Reports you can get most of the necessary information using the following steps:

  1. Run a donor report. Generally the "Donor List by Database Entry (Donor Since) Date" report is the best one to use.
  2. Use the Change Columns button and switch every available column to "Yes". 
  3. Use the Change Filters button to add the Donor ID filter
  4. Click the Search button next to the Donor ID filter.
  5. Select the donor from the list of results.
  6. Once the filter has been applied, use the CSV (or XLS) button to export the data.
  7. Repeat the process for Donations, Payments, Volunteer History, and Interactions.

Letters, Emails and Tasks

As of July 14 2019, you cannot do a bulk dump of Letters, Tasks, or Emails connected with a donor. This functionality will be added in a future update. 

In the meantime, for letters, you can generate a PDF of each one. For emails and tasks, you are limited to "printing" them via your browser and saving them as a PDF. (On Chrome, select "Save as PDF" as the destination on the print dialog.) While cumbersome, these methods would be acceptable to use in responding to a privacy request.

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