Update History (Prior to Version 25)

Version 24

(Publish Date: November 5, 2018)



  • Presets are now available for Donors on the add/edit screen.
  • If a donor's profile is flagged as anonymous, that information will appear at the top of the screen next to their name. In addition, anonymous donors will have their gifts preset to anonymous, and a notice will appear reminding you of this fact so that you don't mistakenly enter the gift without it being properly marked.
  • The Company name and "ATTN:" lines in the addressee fields will only be pre-filled if the Donor Type is set to Corporation.


  • "Payment Acknowledged?" and "Payment Acknowledged By" fields have been added to the report column choices.
  • "Donor First Gift Date", "Donor First Gift Amount", "Donor Largest Gift Date", and "Donor Largest Gift Amount" have been added to the report column choices.


  • A new field for Organization Name has been added, which is based off the setting under Options -> System Settings. This is also now in use under the "Donation Details and IRS Disclaimer Block" when you build new letters.
  • As the "Letter Image 1", "Letter Image 2", etc. fields are going to be phased out by the new image manager, they have been removed from the available merge fields. For the time being, you will still be able to change and update them under the letter settings tab, but you'll no longer be able to add them to new letters.
  • Performance for the PDF generator has been improved. This will primarily be noticeable on bulk generation where you have more than a dozen or so letters.
  • If inserted images have been deleted, they will be replaced with a notice visible to you when editing Version Text or Templates. However, when generating PDFs, they will silently be replaced with a tiny, blank image.

Donation Forms:

  • The donation forms list will now show how many gifts have ever been made through that form, and how many recurring payments are associated with that form. If there are any recurring payments pending, you will be unable to delete the form.
  • The donation forms will now also add in data to the "Payment Acknowledged By" fields. Previously, these were left blank. Now they will say either "Donation Form Initial Email" or "Donation Form Recurring Email". Note that this will only apply if the Donation Form's payment settings indicate that the payment should be automatically marked as acknowledged.
  • You can now add labels for the Radio Buttons or Dropdown options in addition to the dollar amounts. For instance, you could offer tickets for sale for your event, and label the price amounts as "1 Ticket", "2 Tickets", etc.

User Manager:

  • Contextual help has been added to the user add/edit page.
  • Fields are now being validated on user account creation to prevent accounts without usernames or duplicate email addresses from being created.
  • User preferences, such as the date range on the home page and the default columns on the donor list, have been moved to the Home Page and Donors Page respectively. Access them by clicking the options button in the upper left of those pages.

List Editor:

The list editor has been completely rebuilt to make it slightly more friendly and to add a bit of new functionality:

The biggest changes include:

  • Merge list items with each other to combine seldom-used or old, legacy list items. Perfect for turning 2014 Year End Letter, 2015 Year End Letter, etc. into just one list item: Year End Letter.
  • A counter now appears next to to the list item so you can see how often the list item is used.

Otherwise, you can add, edit, hide, and re-order list items as before. Hopefully this new interface will be a bit less confusing and help you more easily manage your lists.

Bug Fixes:

  • The correct date will now show on notifications shown on the home screen.
  • By default, each Donor Wrangler subscription includes 5 user accounts. After this, the functionality to create new users is supposed to be disabled. This was unfortunately not functioning correctly, but it has been corrected. If you require more than 5 user accounts, please contact support to have your limit increased for an extra monthly fee.
  • When you edit list items, the changes you make are now also applied to Presets. (IE if you change Campaign from 2018 Capital Campaign to simply Capital Campaign, that change will also be applied to any presets that reference this list item.)
  • When volunteers signed up and used an email that was stored as the second or third email on the donor's profile rather than the primary, their time would not be mapped to the profile correctly. This has been resolved.

Version 23

(Publish Date: October 8, 2018)

New Features:

Notification System: In order to help declutter your inboxes, we've implemented a new notification system. From here on out, when updates to Donor Wrangler are made or when we need to send any other sort of notice, you will see a simple notification on your dashboard when you log in. Dismiss notifications by clicking the X in the upper right. We hope this will allow us to communicate changes more easily with you in the future! (Note that we may still send news of large changes or other news via email, but we anticipate the bulk of notifications to now come to you from directly within Donor Wrangler.)

Image Library: To make it easier for organizations to insert logos, photos, and other images into letters, we've added a new Image Library feature. Rather than having the 5 image slots that you had before, you can now upload up to 250 MB of images into the Image Library. Find it by clicking on the Letters menu option, which will reveal the new page. 

Once the images are in uploaded, you can insert them into any letter, volunteer signup, or donation form. Click the new Insert Image button next to the Merge Fields button on the text editors to place your photo.

We hope this improvement will make it easier for you to customize your letters, volunteer sign up forms, and donation forms. Further improvements, such as an cropping tool, will come in future versions.


  • Donations:
    • The donation chart now also has a table view with totals by month and year.
  • Donation Forms:
    • When making a donation in test mode on the Donation Form builder, you will receive the reminder email (if enabled) and the recurring thank you email (if applicable) as well so you can preview any changes you've made to these messages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Letters:
    • The additional full name fields now appear in the mail merge letter editor.
  • General:
    • Certain date fields were being pre-filled when they should have been left blank by default. These have been changed to behave correctly.
  • User Manager:
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing user preferences (such as the donor list appearance) from saving in certain cases.

Version 22

(Publish Date: September 30, 2018)

New Features:

Contextual Help: If you've ever wondered what a field is meant to be used for or scratched your head at how something functions, you're not alone! While we generally feel that things are clear, there are indeed times where it isn't, especially for organizations that may be starting fresh without a lot of imported data. As such, we've added Contextual Help options throughout the Donor, Donation, and Payment edit screens.

Clicking any of the question mark symbols will bring up help information on the topic. In addition to describing the actual mechanical functioning of the field, we also provide information about best practices to help you make the best use of these fields, storing only useful and relevant information. An example can be seen below:

For now, these are only shown on the Edit screens for Donors, Donations, and Payments. However, we will be adding them to more sections of the system in future versions.

Donation Charts: For those of us who are more visual in nature, we've added new donation charts to the donations page so you can more clearly see the results of your efforts over time. Simply go to the Donations page and click the new Charts tab.

Multiple Individual Names on Donor Profiles: To make it easier to handle couples with hyphenated or different last names, you can now  add more than one set of full names to the donor's profile:

These full names will then be used to generate the Addressee and Salutation fields as before, but with improved logic. For instance, if the individuals have the same last name, the fields will be generated as such:

However, if the last names are different, they will be generated like so:

This will hopefully result in more accurate auto-generated Salutation/Addressee labels, and make it easier for you to manage your donor data without trying to bend one set of Full Name fields to your will. These additional full name fields have also been added to reports and to the donor search screen.


  • Donations/Payments:
    • When entering/editing a donation or payment, the date fields are now required to ensure you don't miss them.
    • As we did for Donor View/Edit, the option to show/hide the Quickbooks ID field is now accessed by clicking the gear button in the upper left of the relevant pages.
    • For membership based organizations, you can now edit a donor's membership information as part of donation entry, saving you the step of needing to also edit the donor after adding their membership contribution.
  • Reports:
    • We've renamed a report to make it more clear ("Donor List by First Donation Date" is now "Donor List by Database Entry (Donor Since) Date" and we've added a report for Member List by Member Since Date.
    • The Upcoming Payments report now has new date preset choices of Next Week, Next Month, Next Quarter and Next Year make it easier to determine what payments will be arriving without having to use the Custom Range option.
    • You can now delete saved reports. This option is in the dropdown menu attached to the "Copy" button in the upper right when viewing an existing saved report.
    • Reports are now listed in alphabetical order.
  • General:
    • Autocomplete in the Chrome browser recently became far more aggressive. We've turned off autocomplete in more places to compensate.
    • The descriptions that you add to the list items have, till this point, been largely hidden. We've adjusted the drop downs so that if you hover over the option for about 2 seconds, the description will appear if it has been set (see screenshot below for an example.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Donors:
    • Fixed an issue where some donors wouldn't sync with Constant Contact properly.
  • Donation Form Builder:
    • Fixed an issue where the letter and page templates were not being saved properly if you had "Create Letter" set to Yes.
  • Reports:
    • Fixed an issue with the "Donor Lifetime Donation Count" column being incorrectly tabulated.
  • Volunteer Portal:
    • Fixed an issue where users who were authorized to manage all volunteer data, but not run donor/donation reports, were unable to view the volunteer reports.

Version 21

(Publish Date: April 4, 2018)

Version 21 sees a brand new look and feel deployed to every installation. We would love your feedback! Send us a message through the Support form to let us know what you think.

New Features:

Donation Presets: We know how important it is for your database to be consistent, and we want to make it easier for you to accomplish this. Thus, we've added a new feature to the Donations editor to allow you to create presets! This is especially useful if you're running a campaign and you want to be sure to enter every gift exactly the same way. You'll find this option on the upper right of the Donation Edit screen as shown:

Click the gear icon to add, edit, and delete presets. This will pop open a window like so:

Once you've added a new preset, you can make use of it immediately. Choosing it from the dropdown in the upper right will automatically change the fields to the desired values.

We believe this will allow you to not only enter gifts more quickly, but with an increased amount of accuracy. This feature will also be copied into the Donor Edit screen in a future update.


  • General: We want to ensure that things are not just easy to use, but also intuitive. With that in mind, we've begun to rethink where you go to change settings. For instance, until now, if you wanted to change the appearance of the Donor View/Edit screens, you had to leave the page and go to Options, then come back. This is not a terrible thing, but it would certainly be better if you could change the settings for the page you're viewing without having to leave. Starting with this version, we're going to start moving settings directly onto the page you're using. We've done this first with the Donor View/Edit screens (see screenshot below). We will roll the change out to other pages in future versions.

  • Donor View/Edit:
    • You may now choose to hide the "Best Time to Contact" and "Best Way to Contact" fields.
  • Reports:
    • Some additional missing and new fields have been added to reports. These include:
      • Donor Member Level
      • Donor Timeframe Donation Count
      • Donor Lifetime Donation Count
      • Donor Average Gift Amount

Bug Fixes:

  • General:
    • When new donors were created (via forms or by you) in some cases, the donor would have some data fields set as "0". So for instance, if a donor gave online and left the Title field blank, it would set it to "0", resulting in a name of "0 Brad Bradley" instead of "Mr. Brad Bradley". This will no longer happen.
  • Email Logging:
    • Payment receipt emails are now properly being logged.
  •  Donation Forms:
    • If you inserted images via the merge fields, they wouldn't display in some circumstances. This is now fixed.

Version 20

(Publish Date: February 12, 2018)

This version of Donor Wrangler includes a number of fixes, improvements, new features, and the start of a new look! Read on to learn more.

New Features:

  • Donor Giving Chart: A nice, visual view of donor giving has been added to the donor view. This will allow you to see 5 year giving history at a glance, as well as any expected pledge payments coming the following year. You will find this chart in a new tab above the map normally shown on the donor's profile.
  • Calculated Fields for Letters: To assist with donor requested receipts (such as a year end summary), we have created the ability to add a few "calculated field" to your letter templates. They are Current Year Payments Received and Previous Year Payments Received. You'll find these on the Letter Template Editor under Merge Fields -> Calculated Fields. Additional calculated fields will come at a future date.


  • Donors:
    • To enable you to see the donor's entire address at a glance, the second line of the address (if applicable), city, state, and zip fields will now display on the donor search screen.
  • Reports:
    • Small tweaks to the interface have been made to allow reports to function better on tablets and cell phones.
    • Additional columns have been made available to relevant reports. These new columns include: 
      • Additional email addresses and phone numbers
      • The labels for the emails/phones you've specified
      • Constant Contact subscription list names
      • Payment reoccurrence
      • Donation form name
    • And others. In addition, functionality has been improved so that newly added columns will become available to previously saved reports as well. The name for this button has been changed from "Customize Report" to "Change Columns" in anticipation of further changes to the report builder in future versions.
  • Letters:
    • Marking a letter sent now forces the setting of the "Payment Acknowledged" field to "Yes". This will prevent this field from being accidentally left as "No".
  • Volunteers:
    • If a volunteer signs up for an event and they're not found in the system by their email address, a new profile is created for them. The created profile has been improved and cleaned up. They'll now be set as a Volunteer contact type, and the extra, unknown fields will be properly blanked out.
  • Tasks:
    • You may now delete tasks. This is a new, extra permission, and it must be enabled for individual user accounts if you want access to this ability.
  • Users:
    • The users list now reflects the account status so you can more easily identify current versus closed accounts.
  • General:
    • Server side and client side 3rd party scripts have all been updated to the most recent available versions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Letters:
    • Deleting a letter's customized text was sometimes sending you back to the wrong place. This has been resolved to help make sure you wind up where you were actually going.
  • Reports:
    • The reset filter button now properly removes a custom date range.
    • The system will no longer act as if there is a list of saved reports if the user can't access any of them. Additionally, some reports that had been saved for all users weren't showing up for all users. This has been resolved.
    • The "Timeframe Donation Totals" column on reports was not always collecting data from the full range. This has been fixed.
  • General:
    • The "Last Month" date filter used in several locations did not work if the previous month was in the previous year. We tutored the function on how a calendar works, and it now understands how to calculate this correctly.

Version 19

(Publish Date: November 19, 2017)


  • Donors:
    • The "notes" field has been given a larger character limit, and will also retain line breaks when displayed on the donor view page.
  • Letters:
    • A few additional font sizes have been added to the editor.
  • Volunteers:
    • For privacy reasons, the event signup will now hide the last name for non-logged in users, just displaying the last initial instead.
  • Donation Forms:
    • Improved error handling has been put in place to account for credit cards that are declined, reported as fraudulent, etc. on recurring gifts. If one of these scenarios occurs, an error notification will be sent to the "From" address as configured on the donation form, along with instructions on what to do next.

Bug Fixes:

  • Volunteers:
    • The button to delete a volunteer role was missing. A search party was formed, the button was found, and it was restored to its proper place.
    • When a volunteer was removed by simply deleting their name and email, the time slot was still behaving as if it was in use. This has been fixed.
    • Volunteer signup notifications were not being generated correctly after a change in Version 18. This has been fixed.
  • Donation Forms:
    • If a donor canceled their own recurring donation, the system still behaved as if they had an unfulfilled pledge. The system will now recalculate their pledge totals properly if this happens.
    • The second and third phone and email fields are now being blanked out properly if a new donor is created.

Version 18

(Publish Date: September 29, 2017)

New Features:

Email Logging: All emails sent within Donor Wrangler will now be logged and connected to the Donor's profile. Whether these are emails you've sent with a thank you letter PDF, thank you/reminder emails generated by the donation forms, or volunteer sign up notifications, they will all be saved and retained for posterity. In addition, you will be able to see if the email was successfully delivered, whether or not the donor opened it, and if they clicked on any links contained within. (A full list of possible events that will be logged can be found here.)


  • Donors:
    • The phone label field has been updated to be a "type ahead" field instead of a dropdown of set choices. This means that it will now allow you to type whatever you want into this field, with some suggested items that you can choose to use from a list. This allows for greater flexibility, letting you type something like "Bob's Cell" and "Julie's Cell" rather than just "Cell".
    • You may now also add up to 3 email addresses to a donor's profile. Please note that only the primary email address will be synced to Constant Contact, as Constant Contact does not support more than one email address per subscriber profile. The labels for email addresses will function the same way as the labels for phone numbers.
  • Donations:
    • A clear indicator has been added to the donation view screen that shows you which donation form a gift was given through, if applicable.
    • If a gift is recurring online credit card payment, the recurring frequency will appear on the payment list as well as on the payment view.
  • Letters:
    • You can now increase the footer size to allow for larger images or additional contents. (The default size is 1.25 inches tall, full width between your left and right margins.)
    • If the letter text for a particular has been customized to be different than the master template, an indicator has been added to reflect this so you can tell more easily.
  • Donation Forms:
    • When you turn the recurring gifts option off, the recurring gift messages (such as the reminder emails, edit page message, etc.) will be hidden.
    • You may now opt to turn reminder emails off entirely for individual donation forms. If this is done, the payment edit link will be inserted under the receipt of their gift when it processes rather than being sent to them 3 days prior.
  • Reports:
    • If the report shows no results, a more helpful message suggesting you reset the filters has been added.
  • Volunteers:
    • The time pickers up/down buttons for minutes on event slots will now tick up in 5 minute increments.

Bug Fixes:

  • When pasting from Word into the letter version editor, Word-specific formatting will now be removed as it currently is on the letter template editor.
  • Donation Form address matching has been improved, and if a donor provides a name that is different than the one on file, that name will be saved and used for the receipt instead.
  • Director accounts on new installations will be able to access the Volunteer Portal correctly.

Version 17

(Publish Date: August 8, 2017)

New Features:

  • The Volunteer Portal has had numerous improvements made, and is now being published for all to use, effective immediately!
  • Donor Wrangler will now integrate with Donation Spring, for those that want to generate quick donation buttons for placement on their website rather than use Donor Wrangler's donation form builder. Contact us for more details.


  • Letters:
    • If a donation is "In Honor Of" or "In Memorium" of someone, Donor Wrangler will now show this information on the Letter List so you can identify and differentiate these letters more easily.
  • Donor View/Editing/Merging: 
    • Formatting of phone numbers has been made fully uniform to US phone number standards (IE: +1 (555) 555-5555 OR (555) 555-5555 OR 555-5555 depending on how many digits you have saved.)
    • When regenerating the mailing addresses and salutations, company name will now be included appropriately.
    • The donor merge page has had its interface significantly improved, with the addition of some fields that hadn't been included in the original version, and quick-copy buttons that let you move info from one side to the other with ease. Screenshot below:
    • In addition, the merge page will now let you see if a donor's profile has payment information stored. If so, it will warn you if you do not select that donor, and will not allow you to merge the profiles until you either select the profile with the payment information OR copy the payment information into the selected profile.
  • Volunteer Portal:
    • You can now quickly clone a volunteer event to make an exact copy with volunteer signups and information removed. This will make it easier to create a series of events, with just the dates needing updated from one event to the next.
    • Redirects have been improved to redirect you to the right page more often.
    • A donor's volunteer history will appear on their donor overview screen. When a volunteer logs their time through the "Log Volunteer Hours" page, they are matched to their profile by email address. If no match is found for them in the system, a new donor will be created. When you are viewing a donor's profile, you can also manually log time entries for them.
    • When a non-logged in user lands on a sign up page for an old event, they will be shown an error message, and linked to a list of current available events. If you are logged in and have the rights to view volunteer information, a notice will appear at the top of the screen indicating the event is over.
    • A button to reset filters to their default settings has been added to the volunteer reports page.
    • You may now choose to enable an "Enhanced Login" screen. Once enabled, it will give users the option of logging volunteer hours, viewing and signing up for volunteer events, or logging in as an administrator. (This option is found under Options -> System Settings.) A preview of this option is found below:
  • Donation Forms:
    • You can now allow for the membership renewal date for a donor be extended on a month-by-month basis rather than an annual basis or a set date. This is useful when combined with a monthly, renewing gift (IE monthly sustaining members).
  • Interactions:
    • You can now add a campaign reference to your interactions for tracking and export purposes.
    • A new report has been added that allows you to view, filter, and export your interactions with your donors.
  • Tasks:
    • The task notification on the home page will now turn red if you have overdue, incomplete tasks.
  • General:
    • All pages will now show the page name on the tab, along with your organization name. So, for instance, if you have multiple tabs open, you can over to see that one is "Donor Wrangler - X, Inc. - Options" and "Donor Wrangler - X, Inc. - Donor View". This will hopefully make navigating multiple tabs easier.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when running donation forms in test mode.
  • The "no newsletter" option now appears when editing donation forms and setting up a new donor's profile.
  • When merging donors, volunteer history and tasks were not being properly copied over to the merged profile. This is now fixed.

Version 16

(Publish Date: April 2, 2017)

Board Portal Add-On

This version adds in the framework for a new Board Portal that is currently being tested by one organization. Its basic purpose is for document storage for board member access and maintaining an online board directory. It may eventually be expanded to include meeting scheduling functionality, but that is yet to be determined. If you're interested in testing this feature, please let me know.


  • There is now a reset button on reports. This will allow you to quickly remove all filters and restore the form to its default state. (NOTE: This will not show for saved reports because, in theory, you don't want to reset those filters.)
  • Donation reminders now have customizable subject lines, and there is a separate message that will now be generated for recurring gift thank you emails.
  • The display of tables has been improved so that they are more consistently rendered.
  • You can now remove custom versions of letters and reset it to the default template text. To do this, edit the letter version and click the new red "Delete Customized Version Text" button.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addresses with # symbols in them will no longer be displayed incorrectly on the donor view. (Thanks to Joy for the report!)
  • Users who donate online will have their phone number "label" set to "Home" by default instead of being left blank.
  • No Newsletter was not appearing on the donor view, just donor edit screen. This has been resolved.
  • In some cases, report generation would fail. These cases have been caught and fixed.

Version 15

(Published: February 1st, 2017)

New Add-On: Volunteer Manager

We continue to work on developing new features, improvements, and enhancements to Donor Wrangler on a regular basis. The updates to the core features that you have had until this point will continue to be made available as they are created at no additional cost.

That said, we want to work on developing new features that only certain organizations may find useful. Rather than developing a major new feature and rolling it out to everyone with a price increase as other companies do, we prefer to make these features available as add-ons so that only organizations that need or want that functionality will have to pay for it. We have recently completed the development of our first add-on, which is the Volunteer Manager.

This add-on will enable you to take care of two primary functions:

1) General Volunteer Log - With this, you can better track the time spent by board members and other volunteers on recurring, regular tasks such as committee meetings. The form is kept simple, with just an email, name, category, number of hours and a date needing filled in. This data is then aggregated for reports and stored in the user's profile.

2) Event Volunteer Management - If you've ever used Sign Up Genius, this is built to function in a similar way, but much easier. You can create an event, define volunteer roles and responsibilities, create time slots, create instruction and reminder emails, and allow the public to view the page and sign up. You can even set certain roles to require administrative approval before they're accepted and sent the instructions.

We hope this add-on will be useful to some of our existing users! If you would like to try the add-on, it has been activated on the  Demo Website (with some limits on functionality). Take it for a spin! If you would like the add-on activated for you, please contact us for more details on pricing.

New Features:

  • Under the donor's profile, a new restriction is available. You may choose for a donor to not receive a newsletter. (Similar to the do not call, do not email, etc. options.)
  • A new field for "Quickbooks ID" has been added. For those organizations that batch enter their contributions into quickbooks and want to run a report showing the ID to match it with the list of donors, this will be useful. In order to not clutter things, this is off by default. Go to Options -> Appearance Settings tab, and choose Yes for the "Show Quickbooks ID" question.
  • You can now store up to 3 phone numbers on a donor profile. 
  • You can now send an acknowledgement letter to a third party. This is useful in cases where you want to send acknowledgement of a memorial gift to more than one person: a relative of the deceased, and the actual donor. Here's how it works:
    • After entering a donation, while on the user's profile, click the "Create Letter" button on the letters tab. 
    • Once the popup appears, click "(Change)" next to the recipient's name and you can select a different person to send the letter to. 
    • If you do this, all of the merge fields will show information about the donor who will be receiving the letter, NOT the donor who made the donation. If you wanted to show the information for the donor who made the donation, modify the merge field as follows: " ... We recently received a donation from {$donation.donor.first} {$donation.donor.last} in honor of ... " In other words, when you add in the merge field for the donor first ({$donor.first}) and last name ({$donor.last}), add in donation. between the $ and donor. This will instruct the system to load in the information on the donor who gave the donation, NOT the donor who is receiving the acknowledgement letter. (Yes, this is not an elegant solution, I will put in a better way of doing this in a future version.)


  • The Honorarium field on donations has been changed to an "autocomplete" field. As you start to type, it will start to suggest ideas from the database. If the honorarium/memorium is a new entry, simply type it in as normal and it will be accepted. 
  • This autocomplete field has also been applied to the Member Level field on the donor edit page.
  • The donor list now includes the fields of donor ID, company name, and member renewal date. These will allow you to search for donors who have company names set. For instance, if a donor named Angela Smith owned a bakery called Hot Cross Buns, you could search either her name or the bakery name and the profile would show up. These fields are hidden from being displayed by default, and can be toggled on and off on demand with the Hide/Show Columns button. To set a permanent preference, visit the "My Account" page. (If you are an admin, this can be found by going to Users and then editing your own account.)
  • The "Directed Purpose" field now shows on the Donations Table on the Donor View screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Saved Report links didn't show up on donor reports. They do now!
  • If a saved report had a custom date filter applied, the date filter wasn't being reapplied when it was loaded up again. This is fixed now.

Version 14

(Published: January 14, 2017)

New Features:

  • Saved Reports - You can now save reports so that the filters you select and columns you set will be kept! Saved reports will be listed on the Reports page in the list underneath the description of each base report. Here are some notes about how they work:
    • To make a saved report, use any of the base reports you already have. Set whatever filters you have, then click the "Save Report" button in the upper right. You can then name the report and assign it to a particular user.
    • Changes are saved instantly, including the page you're on, so if you accidentally close the window, you can pick up where you left off. (Note that if you add/remove columns, you will be reset to the first page.)
    • The report can be saved for specific users or for everyone. If saved for everyone, anyone who accesses the report and makes changes will have those changes affect everyone.
    • Once a report is saved and re-loaded, the filters are hidden on the screen by default. Bring them back to make changes using the "Toggle Filters" button in the upper right.
    • If you wish to make a copy of a saved report, simply click the "Copy Report" button. This will allow you to make a copy and assign it to a different set of users.
  • You may now delete letter templates. If the template has been used in the past, the version text will be saved to that particular letter entry in the database for posterity. It is highly recommended that you use this function sparingly. The intent for this is to let you remove mistakes or letters that were largely a one-off or never got used. It would be best to instead hide templates you're no longer using. You should also use a good labeling system. Rather than naming things something like "Donor Thank You Letter (Old)", be specific: "Donor Thank You Letter - Spring/Summer 2016". This is clearer, and it allows you to duplicate and reuse the template in the future rather than having to start from scratch every time.
  • In light of the new feature above, the user permissions surrounding letters have been expanded upon. You can now restrict users in the following ways:
    • Edit Letter Templates - If set to no, the user will no longer be able to edit any of the letter templates. They will still be able to edit "version text", that is, change a specific letter to a specific donor.
    • Edit Page Layouts - If set to no, the user will no longer be able to edit page layouts, nor will they be able to access the "Letter Settings" tab.
    • Delete Letter Templates - If set to no, the user will not be able to delete template layouts.
  • Anyone who previously had the ability to access letters will be granted permission to edit letter templates and page layouts. The ability to delete will only be granted to the Executive Director account at the time of upgrade. The ED can then grant the ability to other users if they wish.


  • The donor list now includes Email and the Member Since date as a searchable field, but these are hidden by default. Use the new "Hide/Show Columns" button underneath the search box to turn them on or off as needed. To set a permanent preference, visit the "My Account" page. (If you are an admin, this can be found by going to Users and then editing your own account.)
  • For the Donation History and Unfulfilled Pledges reports, 4 new columns have been added: Most Recent Payment (This Donation), Most Recent Payment Date (This Donation), Most Recent Payment (Any Donation), and Most Recent Payment Date (Any Donation).
  • With Donation Forms and the upcoming Volunteer Module, a need for the organization's name and website to be stored in the database has arisen. Please set these now. They can be found in Options -> Appearance Settings under "Public Facing Header Link" and "Public Facing Header Text".

Bug Fixes:

  • When a new user is added to the system, they'll now be automatically added as an option in the "Assigned To" dropdown.

Boring Internal Stuff:

  • TinyMCE library updated to 4.5.1.
  • Fixed error related to the column name in the get_max_value function not being surrounded by ``.

Version 13 

(Published: December 16, 2016)


  • When modifying a letter, you can now open a popup preview of the changes to the letter in a new tab without needing to leave the editor screen. (Your browser may prompt you to allow pop ups the first time you use this option.)
  • Donation Forms (thanks to Kent and Angie for most of the input on these changes!): 
    • When renewing a membership, you can now choose to either extend the membership renewal date by a year or set it to a specific date.
    • You can now set a minimum gift amount (NOTE: Even if you set "no minimum", at least $1 will be required from now on, as anything less than $1 will be almost entirely eaten by fees).
    • You can now let users choose a gift amount from a dropdown or radio buttons. Optionally, you can hide the "Other Amount" option so they must choose one of the options you give them.
    • More control has been given for recurring gifts. You can now reduce the number of options, and limit users so that they MUST choose a recurring gift and cannot make a one-time gift on a particular form.
    • You can now run a "test mode" on your donation forms. Please follow the instructions in the popup notification when using this feature.
    • Donors with recurring gifts will now have the option to update their credit card info 3 days before the gift is processed. (This is in addition to the ability they already had to cancel the gift, change the date it would be processed, or change the amount.)
    • A clone button has been added so you can quickly duplicate existing forms.
    • A delete button has been added to allow you to delete any non-default forms.
    • An indicator has been added to let you know which form is the default.
Bug Fixes:
  • When editing a donor's address, if filled in, the "State" field will now require a proper, 2 character state to be entered, and will not save unless this is done correctly. (Constant Contact syncing was throwing some errors because spaces had been added [IE: "IN "] in some cases.)
  • When using the full featured text editor, the operating system's spell checker is now enabled (thanks to Joy for pointing this out!)
  • Autocomplete was causing the browser to freeze in some cases when editing donors. To prevent this, Donor Wrangler now directs the browser to not use auto complete on this page. (If this becomes an issue on other pages, it will be turned off there as well, but thus far, it hasn't been an issue. Thanks to Joy for pointing this out!)

Version 12 

(Published November 8, 2016)

New Features:

  • New Task Notifications: You can now opt in to receive an email alert when a new task is created for you. If you're an administrator, go to the Users page and edit your own account to turn on the notification. Non-admins will go to the My Account page and enable it there.
  • Dashboard Customization: You can now also change your dashboard to show the stats over a time range other than the current month. Options are: current month, last 30 days, calendar year, or July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. Set your preferred option at the same place as the above setting.
  • Yes/No options have been changed from a dropdown (two clicks to change things) to a simple toggle switch (one click to change things). It's also a bit more eye catching, so hopefully that'll help prevent you from missing things.
  • Letter Settings have been moved from the Options page to the Letters page so that users who have the right to edit letters can change these settings without being granted the ability to change other global settings under Options.
  • A link to delete a donation now appears on the donations page in the dropdown menu on the table.
  • If the donor is set to not receive receipts, a notice will appear on the donation entry screen if you choose to create a letter.
  • Dropdown menus have been made slightly prettier (or at least made to match the rest of the input fields).
Bug Fixes:
  • Some missing merge fields were added back in to the letter editor.
  • Fixed some spacing issues that occurred when using the generate all button versus individual letter generation.
  • If a letter has had an alternate version created and the generate all button is used, the correct version text will be output.
  • If a letter has a caption that exceeds one line, no phantom extra spacing will appear between lines.
  • When pasting in content from Word into the letter editor, the wrong formatting was being applied behind the scenes, resulting in incorrect spacing. Now, when you paste from Word, it will force the correct formatting so that your letters are output correctly.
  • The reset password link was not appearing in some circumstances. It will now be more cooperative.

Version 11 

(Published August 7, 2016)

Important to Note:
When you log in next, you will be prompted to accept a new set of Terms and Conditions. This is due to a change from SendGrid, the third party service that's being used to send emails from within the system. Their Terms of Service were revised and now require me to include a clause indicating that you will abide by their terms if you use my product to send emails thru their service. The new, added text is as follows:
Should you take advantage of the integrated email services provided by Donor Wrangler, you will be making use of SendGrid, a third party email sending service. If you use these services, you also agree to be bound by the SendGrid Terms of Service available for review here: https://sendgrid.com/policies/tos/

This is found under Section 2, Prerequisites. Nothing else changed. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

New Features:
  • Online Donations Can Now Be Integrated with Donor Wrangler! If you have an online donation form on your website, you now have the option of integrating with Donor Wrangler instead. This has the added benefit of reducing duplicated work: all donor info is captured and added to the system, thank you letters can be generated and attached to the email sent to the donor, staff can be notified, recurring donations can be captured, etc. The forms can even be generated to be campaign specific, allowing you to create different forms for different purposes. If you would like to set these up or want more information, please let me know and I'll sit down to walk you through the full process.
  • Merge Donors Button: When viewing the donor list, you can now select "Merge Donor" from the dropdown menu attached to the "View" button. This will pop up a second list of donors with the first donor hidden. You can then search for and select the second donor you need to merge with. On the screen that follows, simply select which donor of the two is "most accurate", and update any information that needs corrected. All donations, payments, letters, tasks, and interactions will then be moved to the new, corrected profile. The donor profile you don't select will be deleted.
  • New Report: Donor List by Most Recent Payment Date. The Most Recent Payment Date and Most Recent Payment Amount fields can also be viewed on any of the other Donor reports.
  • The letter editor has been improved greatly. The line breaks are now much more predictable, so you don't get extra spacing in a letter where you don't expect it. 
  • New layouts for images in thank you letters have been added as a merge field in the Page Template editor.
  • You can more easily pick from the uploaded images from the merge fields dropdown in the letter template editor AND page template editor.
  • When viewing letters you've created for your donors, the "generate all" and "mark all sent" buttons will appear, but just be disabled until you make a valid selection.
  • If you're editing a letter's text, you can now change the page layout template if you mistakenly chose the wrong one when initially generating it.
Please note: Because I had to make significant changes to the letter template editor, you may find that your old letters behave oddly when you go to edit them from this point forward. Because of the changes I had to make, this was unavoidable. You shouldn't have any major problems with this if you're just making minor text edits. However, if you're going to be completely revising everything, it may be worth starting a new letter template from scratch at that time.
Bug Fixes:
  • When you export a report to Excel or CSV, the extra 2 columns of ID numbers running down the right hand side will no longer appear.

Versions 9 and 10

(Published June 5, 2016, version 9 was rolled to a single organization for testing, and additional changes were combined with it and rolled out to all organizations as Version 10)

New Features:
  • You can now upload up to 5 general use images to be used in Page Layouts in the letter manager. Useful for placing campaign-specific pictures in a thank you letter that is sent to donors.
  • You can now record the payment processing fee associated with a credit card or online donation system, and this field can be included in reports. Useful if you export your payment history for a bookkeeper's use.
  • New report: Donor List by Timeframe Donation Totals - This report will allow you to select a time frame and total up all of a donors gifts in that time frame as a column on the report. Useful for generating donor lists at year's end and to ensure proper donor acknowledgement is done.
  • The list editor now shows the name of the list being edited at the top of the page.
  • Items that are marked as "Visible: No" in the list editor are now also not shown in the list editor. Reduces clutter! If you want to see the hidden items, click the "Toggle Visible/Invisible" button in the upper right.
Bug Fixes:
  • If a list was empty, you couldn't add new list items. This has since been resolved.
  • When you sent a letter as an email attachment, the status now automatically refreshes to indicate the letter was sent.
  • If you accidentally clicked the button for a report filter instead of the dropdown, it would submit the form and spit out a jumble of code. This no longer happens.
  • Upcoming Payments would sometimes not include all relevant data. (Thanks for catching this Kent!)

Version 8

(Published March 27, 2016)

Letter "Versions":
If you've ever generated a letter but wanted to tweak  one little thing without having to modify the original template, you can now do so! Click the dropdown menu on any letter (the downward arrow next to the View button) and you'll see a new option,  Edit. This will allow you to make modifications to the letter for just that recipient. Perfect for tweaking things like adding an ATTN: line or adding a personal note.
Other Changes to Letters:
There are a lot of these, but they won't affect most of you, so I won't go into huge detail:
  • You can now upload and replace logos, signatures, and header and footer images under the Options page, Letter Settings tab.
  • The Page Layout editor will let you insert the above images, as well as select from some pre-made layouts (3 for now, will add more as others are requested)
  • You can now click the Duplicate button to quickly make a copy of an existing letter.
  • You can now hide old letter and page templates to get them out of your list if you're no longer using them.
New Support and Account Pages:

You can now request support directly within Donor Wrangler. The support page is viewable by all users. Those who are Executive Directors can also now view an Account page that shows you your DW subscription status, expiration date, and so on. You can make changes to your account there.

Version 7 

(Published March 20, 2016)

Email Thank You Letters as Attachments
For those donors that donate online only, or for organizations that don't print and mail thank you letters for smaller gifts, you can now email your generated thank you letters as attachments from directly within Donor Wrangler. After you've created the letter as normal, a new option will appear if you choose the dropdown next to view, shown below.
Should you choose this option, a box will pop up allowing you to customize the default email message that accompanies the attachment. You can also change the "from" address (so you could send it from  myname@organization.org instead of  info@organization.org) if you desire, and preview the attachment to verify that everything looks good. Once you click send, the email will go out, and the "from" address you specified will be carbon copied so you can make sure it went through. If you'd like, give it a try by creating a thank you letter for your own donor profile and sending it to yourself!
As an FYI, you can change the default email settings on the  Options page. You can also remove the ability for users to send emails by changing the "Send Emails" permission to "No" in the User Manager. (By default, anyone who can currently access letters will have their Send Emails permission set to yes.)
Constant Contact Integration
This is something that I've wanted to do for a very long time, and it's finally done! With integration to your email marketing service, there's one less step to deal with when entering a new donor and adding them to your newsletter list.
To activate, go to  Options. Click the  Third Party Integrations tab, and click the Connect to Constant Contact button. It'll forward you to Constant Contact for you to login and authorize the connection, then forward you back to Donor Wrangler.
Once back at Options, we recommend leaving it on "One Way" syncing. What this means is: if someone signs up to your newsletter via Constant Contact, they won't be magically imported into Donor Wrangler. This is best, as the information stored on Constant Contact is not as complete as what you'd get by adding someone to Donor Wrangler. (In most cases, a subscriber will only provide their email address, which isn't very useful, and will just clutter your donor list.)
After authorization, click the "Run Sync Now" to complete the connection and link everything. It'll pull your Constant Contact DB, look for donors with the same email address, and link them.
After this initial sync, the following happens:
1) If the donor unsubscribes from Constant Contact, or removes themselves from, say, the Volunteer list, but still wants to receive the newsletter, that action is synced back into Donor Wrangler so you see it when editing the donor.
2) Whenever you edit the donor, whatever change you make is synced back to Constant Contact. This includes the name, address, phone number, email, etc. so that both data sources are always on the same page. You can also then unsubscribe them by unchecking all of the lists. (For example, if their membership lapses and they don't renew, you can take them off the member only newsletter.) 
FYI: Constant Contact only charges you for people who are actually subscribed to a list, so if you have donors that aren't on any email list at present, their data will still be synced to Constant Contact for safe keeping. You will not be charged anything for them to be stored there in this capacity.
That should sum it up! It can be a complex topic, but hopefully I explained it well. Once it's "turned on", nothing else really needs to happen. The sync will occur automatically on a daily basis. Let me know if you have any questions about this.
Other Changes:
Most of the other changes were minor bug fixes, and some appearance tweaks so that everything has a uniform look and feel. Some pages, for instance, had buttons, while others had links. Everything is now by and large the same.

Version 5

(Published February 8, 2016)
Donation Entry:
This is a slight revision, but it does change the work flow a little bit. Previously, when entering a donation, you could select "Pledge", which would trigger some additional questions about the number of payments, when the first payment was expected, etc. However, there were instances where you wanted to do the same thing, but didn't want to classify it as a Pledge gift type. 
For instance, a corporation may commit to sponsoring your next event, but payment may not come for several weeks while it passes through the chain of command. Now you can select Sponsorship as your gift type, then specify that it's for future support to get the pledge-related questions. 
See the picture below to see what the dropdown looks like so you know what to expect as you enter donations starting tomorrow.
All reports have been replaced with greatly expanded options. You now have virtually every filter available in all reports, as well as a wide variety of extra fields you can show or hide under the "Customize Report" button in the upper right. This will help you get all the fields you need in most situations. For instance, you could generate a payment report for an entire month that includes the donor's name, address, city, state, and zip alongside the gift and payment information. Depending on the software your bookkeeper uses, this may allow for import of the information to speed up the reconciliation process. 
There is also a new report:  Donor List by Most Recent Donation Date. This will allow you to quickly find lapsed donors that haven't given since the prior year (or any other date range you specify).
Some minor bugs with reports were also fixed, and the table was made to scroll horizontally if you have a large amount of information being shown.
New Ability: Delete Donors
This is something that should be used sparingly, but you can now delete donors from the system. Ideally, you would never delete a donor. They would simply be marked as inactive or deceased in the system. However, there are some cases where there may be double entry, or you just really want to remove someone to ensure they're never contacted again. In these cases, you can delete them. When you edit a donor, a new button will appear in the upper right. Once you click, it'll ask for confirmation, and then the donor will be removed from your database.
Since this is a relatively risky functionality, the ability has initially only been granted to the Executive Director account in your installation. If you wish to give this ability to other staff members, the director of the organization will need to grant that privilege via the User Manager. 

Version 4

(Published November 23, 2015)
Donation History:
After going through a training with one organization, I saw that they were wanting to enter a donor's entire history of donations from about 2003 onward. To help speed up that process, a new button has been added to the View Donor screen. While looking at a donor, under the Donations tab, you will see a button labeled "Add Donation History".
If you click the button, a window will pop up on screen allowing you to enter four things: the donation date, amount, campaign and type. These are the four most important things that the system needs to know for a number of reports. 
Once you enter the info, you can either save the data, or click Add More to get another row added into the box. The new row will retain what you entered the first time. This allows for speedy entering. If say, a donor gives the same 50 dollars every year, you would only need to change the date. Repeat as many times as needed, then click save, and voila! Your donor's past donations are added to their profile.
Please note that this is mostly intended on putting in past information. Current and recent donations should be entered as they normally are so that you can track all of the more detailed information about a contribution and generate thank you letters.
Changes to the Letter Manager:
In a continued effort to make the Letter Manager easier to use, we've added a new filter and two new actions you can take. The new filter allows you to narrow things down by which letter you're wanting to send. 
Once you've filtered by a template, the new actions will appear. (They are hidden until a specific letter is selected.) They new actions allow you to (1) toggle all of them as sent, or (2) generate all of the letters in the queue as a single PDF for faster printing.
How would this best be used? Well, rather than printing off letters as you go, you could enter the day's donations as you normally would, choosing the thank you letter when you enter the donation details. Then, once all of the donations have been entered, simply go to the Letter Manager. Select the thank you letter template from the dropdown, and the generate button appears. Click that, and you'll have a single PDF made with all of the unsent letters ready to go. You can print all, say, 8 of them at once. Once they're printed and they look good, click the "Toggle Sent Status on ALL" button to remove them from the queue. This will hopefully help you keep better organized and streamline processes a bit.
Other Changes:
The remaining changes were minor and mostly to do with small bugs, typos on screen, etc. As always, I would welcome your feedback and would appreciate knowing how we can continue to make things better and easier for you. Let me know if you need any assistance.

Version 3

(Published November 13, 2015)

Interaction Log: Someone asked for this, and so it has been added! The interaction log will appear on the View Donor page. It's really simple at this point: choose the date of interaction, the type (IE phone call, letter, meeting, etc.) and enter your notes. (The interaction types can be modified on the Options page.)
It is extremely simple at this point, as that is what was asked for. They just wanted a way to track their conversations with their donors so that when they had their next meeting with them, they would remember what was said last. I would appreciate your feedback: if you plan on using this feature, what else would you like to see it do?
Letter Editor: In an effort to make it easier for you to compose letters from scratch, there is now a new dropdown in the text editor where you create your letter: merge fields. You can choose a large number of fields connected to the donor, donation, and payment. It also provides some "standard blocks", IE the formal address block, so that you can add this in one click. The merge fields are highlighted in gray like they are in Word, but this styling doesn't show up in the generated letter.

That's all for this round. Stay tuned for more. If you would like any training, help, or have questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

Version 2

(Published August 31, 2015)

New in this version is the addition of Task Management. It's in its early stages, but it does all of the basics such as setting due dates, recurring tasks, assigning them to certain people within the organization, and adding completion notes.

You'll find Tasks listed in the left-hand side menu the next time you log in. To edit the Task Categories, go to Options and look for the "Task Categories" list on the first tab.

Version 1

(Published August, 2015)

No release notes exist for this version, but this is roughly when it all began! Release notes for subsequent versions have been logged, however.

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